Terms and Conditions

Before using SMMGen's services, it's crucial to carefully read and comprehend the terms outlined herein. Your utilization of smmgen.com implies agreement to these terms.

✅ Acceptance of Terms

When accessing and using SMMGen, you are bound by the provided terms. Discontinuation of service use is advised if any part of these terms is disagreeable.

✅ Service Description

SMMGen offers diverse social media marketing panels, varying in scope, delivery, and price.

✅ Registration and Security

Users must furnish accurate registration details and safeguard login credentials. Unauthorized account usage should be promptly reported to SMMGen.

✅ Payment and Refunds

Advance payment for SMMGen services is mandatory. Refunds, subject to deductions for rendered services, are processed case by case.

✅ Termination

SMMGen reserves the right to suspend or terminate accounts for misuse, term breaches, or malicious activities.

✅ User Conduct

Users agree not to deploy SMMGen services for illegal or unauthorized purposes, risking service termination.

✅ Limitation of Liability

While striving for quality service, SMMGen doesn't guarantee uninterrupted service or specific outcomes. It disclaims liability for direct or indirect losses or damages.

✅ Intellectual Property

All content on SMMGen, including text, graphics, logos, and service names, is exclusively owned. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.

✅ Changes to Terms

Periodic updates to terms will be communicated to users. The latest version is always available on this page.

✅ Governing Law

Terms are subject to Bangladeshi laws, and disagreements will be settled in Bangladesh's jurisdiction.

✅ Feedback and Reporting

Users are encouraged to report issues or provide feedback through the support team.

✅ Contact Information

For term-related inquiries, contact us immediately.

✅ Liabilities

SMMGen isn't liable for social media platform actions, such as account suspension or content deletion.